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Day of Personal Enrichment

DOPE #2: Node Subpages

Today was my second Day of Personal Enrichment at Jackson River. DOPE days are sort of like Google's 20% time, where employees are encouraged to work on projects that interest them. We don't have the luxury of doing it one day a week, but we do spend a solid day on these projects when we can fit it in the schedule. I wrote about the first one back in May, when I did some work on the Simplenews Threaded Send module.

DOPE #1: Simplenews Threaded Send

tl;dr: I release Simplenews Threaded Send this weekend.

Let me start by saying that I love working for Jackson River. About a month ago, management anounced that we would be trying out a monthly Day of Personal Enrichment, not unlike Google's 20% time, but more realistic - who can afford to spend a day a week goofing around? We've staggered them so that the whole company doesn't shut down for a day at a time, so my first DOPE was this past Friday and I wrapped up my project over the weekend.

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