Erin’s last day of gSchool was last Friday, the day after she accepted a developer position in Chicago. Just as quickly as we moved to Denver, we’re heading right back out. Thankfully, we’ve got a little more time to make arrangements for this move: since we’ve got plans for trips and visitors here in Denver in August, we won’t be making the move until the end of the month.

It’s weird to come home to an empty house after a trip out of town. On Sunday, I flew to Portland for a few days of meetings with a client. Erin made a game time decision to leave town the next day. The plan was mostly to find an apartment in Chicago, but she also took the dog to stay with Erin’s sister and brother-in-law for the next month and a half, until we get settled in up there.

Coming home to an empty house is one thing; knowing that it’ll be empty for a few days is a feeling that’s new to me. It’s almost equally strange knowing that I won’t take any walks with the dog for at least six weeks.

We’ve only got a few free weekends left in Colorado, this one included. Since I spent Sunday traveling, I’ll be off on Friday, and I’m still trying to decide what to do with the little time I’ve got here. I’m bummed to be saying goodbye to another city again so soon. Colorado is beautiful, the people are friendly, the weather is amazing, and I was kind of hoping that we could stick around for a little while. It’s too bad that the weather won’t be nicer over the next couple days, because I would love to rent a motorcycle and just spend some time tooling around in the mountains, to really soak it up before we go.