The small park near us is closed for the summer to be renovated. The whole park is only about half a city block, and triangular because we live right where the square grid of streets shifts from simple north-sourth and east-west to a diagonal layout.

Last Monday, they put up a temporary fence around the park to keep people out while they dig up the sidewalks and do whatever else they’re going to do.

On one of the three sides of the park, right next to the sidewalk, sits a trash bin. Half a block down (if that) is a small dumpster. It’s inside a little fence thing of its own (you can see it on Google Maps), but the lid is usually open so that people can toss trash in, and I assume that the other trash bins in the park are emptied into it.

The new fence goes right to the sidewalk, so the trash bin is behind the fence, but the dumpster is outside the fence.

But, as noted, people are bastards. Rather than walking half a block to toss their dog poop in the dumpster, they just started hucking it over the fence toward the trash bin. And, naturally, missing.

So the construction workers turned the bin upside down in an attempt to stop people from trying to use it.

So now there’s an upside-down trash bin festooned with and surrounded by bagged dog shit. Because people are bastards.

Trash bin