So, seriously, is voter ID actually fixing a problem? Even this pro-voter ID group’s “How Widespread is Voter Fraud?” page basically just lists stats about duplicate registrations; they only mention 99 cases of fraud (which, frankly, is a paltry number). It’s like an pro-gun control site listing a bunch of information about how many guns are owned by citizens without actually mentioning gun violence statistics.

Now, I can get behind cleaning up the voter rolls. In 2008, I was registered to vote THREE TIMES. This was not intentional: I (foolishly) assumed that when I registered to vote in Washington, DC, they would notify other states (in particular, New York) to take me off their rolls. I also (reasonably) assumed that when I filed paperwork to change my voter registration after changing my first name that they would have the sense to remove my old one. I was registered as Brock in DC, and as Randy in both NY and DC.

Which is to say: yeah, the voter rolls need maintenance, but does that justify making it more difficult for already-disenfranchised voters to cast their votes?

I can’t help but notice that the folks supporting voter ID are generally the same folks opposing gun control, and while one has nothing to do with the other, this is yet another case where I wonder how people square up seemingly disparate positions on unrelated topics. Guns are an individual right? Well, so is voting. Gun control pushes are essentially emotional responses to perceived problems? Well, so is the attempt to prevent immigrants from voting illegally, if you don’t have any data to back up that fear.