Here I’ve been thinking that 2012 had been a pretty underwhelming year, but then I stopped to actually think about it.

I got to see all of my favorite bands live at some point during the year. Erin and I spent five days in Amsterdam, on a whim. I spent a week in Denver at Drupalcon. I joined Lullabot. I spent a week hanging out with my new coworkers at a retreat center in the woods. I got to speak on a panel at Drupalcon Munich, then spend a week exploring Munich and Berlin with Erin. I attended Drupal camps in Baltimore, DC, and Philadelphia. I spent a week with my family in Buffalo, then Erin and I drove an RV to Cleveland to do Thanksgiving with her family.

And right after the new year, we’re moving halfway across the country to Denver, where Erin will spend six months learning how to code for Ruby on Rails.

So, yeah, I guess that was a pretty good year after all.