I’ve always said that I don’t have faith in any god, I have faith in people. With the increasing prevalence of social media, it’s becoming more and more difficult to maintain that position.

In ways we never could before, we now get to see the darkest sides of everyone we’ve ever known. It’s frustrating to see these thoughts that might otherwise be kept to oneself, to learn how little they think of the unemployed, to see how entitled they are, to hear how little compassion they have, to know how much they assume that their experience in life is universal, and thus, that anyone less fortunate has only themselves to blame.

It’s especially surprising when you consider how many of these people only appear in my Facebook feed because I grew up with them, attending Catholic schools, church, or both together. In so many cases, it seems that I kept the lessons taught; they kept the faith.

This is why I swear off Facebook almost weekly. I can’t keep from becoming cynical when so much cynicism is just a few clicks away at all times—and I can’t decide if it’s amusing or depressing when I get un-friended for calling people out on it.