From Family Apple, via The Brooks Review:

In 3 years, Apple has made and sold us 19 products, all of which throughout the family are considered some of the best purchases they have made. No other company is even close to this sort of integration into a family.

Erin and I had a similar realization on the drive up to Buffalo to spend the Christmas weekend with my family. We brought with us:

  • Her iPhone 4S
  • Her iPad 2
  • My iPhone 4
  • My iPad 2
  • My new 15” MacBook Pro
  • My old 13” MacBook Pro, so my brother could try it out
  • An old iPod, so we could listen to podcasts without draining the devices with GPS

Mind you, this was only a four-day trip, and we left her old iPhone 3G (now serving as an iPod Touch) at home.