Every time I start to think that maybe I should look into other web hosting companies, I get a monthly newsletter that makes me love Dreamhost all over again.

This month we’re really going to break through the clutter with this newsletter and deliver some paradigm-shifting news that, at the end of the day, should capitalize both on our core competencies and on your hunger for change.

Things at DreamHost HQ lately have been all-business, all-the-time. So we’ve decided to spin-up a new communications initiative that I’m calling - and this is a real game-changer - Buzzwording.

We hope to leverage your interest in what’s new at our organization and align that with our propensity to eat our own dog penis. FOOD! Dog food. Sorry, I’m still getting the hang of this.

See, that’s an example of what we call “pushing the envelope”. Also “bad business practice.” It’s really just a matter of us honing in on which levers we need to pull to enhance the end user experience, and which levers are really just avenues to fostering user detachment.


How could I NOT give money to a company that sends newsletters like this?