Last week, I got my hands on an iPad. I knew I would like the thing, but man is this thing awesome. It’s just the right size for that kind of interface. There are several apps that I’ve always used on the iPhone that are just that must better with enough screen real estate to include a list on the left side—it’s perfect.

But, my absolute favorite new-to-me app is the Wired Reader. The app is free, and allows you to buy individual issues of the magazine. If you’re a subscriber like me, you get them all for free.

Now, I’ve long been a fan of Wired. It’s a well-produced magazine, and it’s rare that I don’t find most of the feature articles really interesting. But paper can only go so far, and the iPad is the perfect interface for them. It’s just the print magazine in a PDF, like some do: they actually re-work and reformat the content so that it looks great in both landscape and portrait modes. For things like the gear reviews, the review is hidden until you tap on a pictured item. Some articles include video to highlight a product or media discussed in the article. The ads are still included, but some of those even have extra functionality.

After reading one issue on there, I doubt I’ll bother with the paper version anymore. Really, that’s only good for times that I can’t use my iPad—which is to say, the beginning and end of any flight. Chances are good that I’ll just cancel the magazine subscription and subscribe to the digital version. If you get two years at a time, it’s actually cheaper to subscribe to the physical magazine—which includes access to the iPad content—but I’d rather just give them more money for a better interface anyway. I’m not interesting in saving a few bucks just to cost them more in shipping, and me more in recycling.