It’s perverse, but I love days like this: it’s cold, it’s windy, it’s overcast, it’s drizzling—well, I could do without the drizzle, but man do I love the rest.

For one thing, fall has always been my favorite season. What kind of person doesn’t like the changing colors, pumpkin pie, apple cider, Halloween, and my birthday?

But the other part is just missing home, for all values of home. I always loved fall in Buffalo when I was a kid (even if I didn’t much care for the town the rest of the time), and these cold, windy days always remind me of Rochester. I mean, most of every school year there was cold and windy, so how could it not?

I want to make sure I get out of the house more and really enjoy the season this year. The past coupe have flown by so quickly, because I was so wrapped up in work and everything else. This year, I need to drag my butt out of the apartment more anyway: Erin and I have been holing up an unhealthy amount and really need to get out more anyway.

Unfortunately, it seems like everyone else had the same pan as me today: walk through the cold to get chilled a bit, then warm up in and read in a cozy coffee shop. Every one I checked was packed, so wound up at the cigar bar instead. Still pretty cozy, but not great for reading.