In my free time, when I’m not watching TV shows or movies—neither of which really count as hobbies—I’m typically reading about, writing about, trying out, or developing (or at the very least, thinking about) web software.

I’m not even sure what my last hobby was. When I was a kid, I read books. I used to ride my bike two and a half miles to the library all the time, taking a backpack full of books each way. In my early teens, I played with model rockets for a few years. There were a number of short-lived collections in there—stamps and coins are the ones that stick out—but that was about it before I got my hands on computers. What started as a hobby well over a decade ago became a career, but has remained a hobby to some extent.

The problem with doing your hobby for a living is that it gets a lot less fun. When you combine that with the fact that I work from home—and thus, rarely leave the house—I’ve been seriously burned out the past couple weeks.

I’m making a conscious effort to get out of the house more, but I’m also trying to ween myself off of the computer in the evenings. I wasn’t always online every waking moment, so I’m sure it’s still possible to live that way, right? I’ve been spending more time with my Kindle and the stack of magazines that have been piling up, but at some point, I need to figure out what it is that I’d like to do with myself while I’m away from the computer.