I’ve been listening to The Daily Edition on 5by5 lately, and the topic of standing desks has come up a few times lately. Last year, it came to light that sitting all day is bad for you even if you exercise more to offset it. I had a standing desk for a while at a previous employer, but figured it wasn’t really an option now that I work from home. I would love to get a GeekDesk, but there’s no way I would spend $750 on a desk.

I got talking to some of the nerds in #5by5 Friday afternoon about it, and decided to take a crack at it. Lucky for me, I’ve got an IKEA EXPEDIT, so the desk attaches to a shelving unit: if I could find a good way to raise up the other side of the desk, I could just attach it to the top shelf instead of the middle one.

So I biked over to AutoZone this afternoon and picked up a $25 pair of jack stands. It may not be pretty, but my DIY standing desk is the perfect height.

Standing Desk: After