Because Erin and I are an old married couple, we prefer to do Valentine’s Day at home without the circus that surrounds every decent restaurant on the night of. And, since Schmitty’s parents raise rabbits and we had a few of them in the freezer, Erin found a recipe for vegetable paella with chorizo and rabbit.

I honestly don’t know how Schmitty’s parents can kill and skin cute little bunnies, but I’m glad it was them doing it because I am a wimp. The rabbits came to us headless, limbless, skinless, and organless, so all I needed to do was cut the meat off the bones. This turned out to be more difficult than I thought it would be, and I’m sure an experienced chef would have pulled way more meat off that carcass than I managed to. I also made the mistake of buying brown rice, which (apparently) takes a lot longer to cook than white rice, so the final stages of the recipe required a little extra time. Nonetheless, the paella was delicious, and I really wish I had taken a photo of it before we ate, because it actually looked like proper paella.

I topped it off with fresh-baked dinner rolls, and one of Erin’s favorite desserts: strawberry Jello pie. Despite cutting my finger while slicing strawberries, burning my arm putting rolls in the oven, and that brown rice situation, it all came out pretty great!