[Originally posted on Let’s Bike DC, which has since been deep-sixed]

  • Riding in the cold isn’t so bad. Riding into a freezing cold headwind kind of sucks.
  • I just had to change the battery in my cyclometer. In doing so, my odometer was reset. I only had about 175 miles on there, but I had been looking forward to watching that tick up and see how many miles I could put on Chet.
  • Even after replacing the narrow stock MTB saddle with a cushier Selle Royal, I’ve always had to shift around pretty frequently to stay comfortable. At some point during my ride tonight, I realized I wasn’t doing this anymore - or if I was, I was doing it subconsciously. Maybe it’s because I was too focused on the cold to notice, but I think it’s because I’ve finally spent enough time in the saddle to be comfortable ignoring the saddle.
  • The first day or two after I got a bike, a few years ago, I paraded around with my pant leg cuffed up. “That’s right,” I expected my pants to say. “I’m badass enough to ride in the city.” Thankfully, I realized quickly just how chatchy I was being, and started rolling my pants down as soon as I got off the bike. Now, I find myself in the third stage: I just don’t care anymore. I don’t bother rolling it down to run into the store or whatever, because I’m just going to have to put it back in a few minutes anyway. Now I understand those people I see in the store still wearing helmets. I thought it was because they were just oblivious, but more likely, they knew they were going to hop right back on the bike and just didn’t bother with it. This might be part of the reason cycling has a dorky image among outsiders, but I’m OK with it.