Three years ago tonight, I met my lovely wife Erin.

We both went to see Sunshine - she with the Indie Film Meetup, and me with the Sunday Night Film Club. The two groups had arranged to get together afterwards, and so we met each other over a crappy meal and disagreed about the movie - I liked it, she didn’t.

Along with a few other people, we went to the bar for drinks after dinner, and the two of us got to talking about music and religion. A week later, she Facebook-stalked me to invite me out with some friends. Later that weekend, we went to a punk show together. Another week after that, we went on our first date. Exactly four months after that, we signed a lease on our first apartment together. Four more months after that, I proposed, and we were wed a year and a half later.

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that it was a full three years ago - or that it was only three years ago. It seems both much too long and much too short, but I suppose that’s how things like this always seem. Either way, there’s absolutely no way that I could have predicted three years and one day ago that right now, I would have an amazing wife, an adorable puppy, and the wonderful life I have. Life sure is weird and delightful sometimes, huh?