I spent the second half of this past week at the Hotel Palomar for the advanced portion of the Lullabot Drupal Module Development Deep Dive Week. I’m still on a little bit of a nerd high: it was an interesting, invigorating, and exciting three days that left me wanting to jump right into the issue queue and start fixing stuff, testing patches, and writing modules. I can only imagine how I’d feel after a full Drupalcon. I wish I could also go to the theming deep dive week in Portland, and I would definitely recommend it to any Drupal developer who can make it: the Lullabots are great.

Since I started coming down with the plague sometime Thursday, I haven’t done much but lay around and drink tea since leaving the hotel last night. I still need to organize all my notes and review the presentations, and then there’s a long list of links to articles and modules I want to review. Over the three days I was there, we covered:

  • Views integration
  • AHAH in Forms API
  • CCK integration
  • Securing your code
  • Using alter hooks
  • Defining your own hooks
  • Keeping content/configuration (“contentfiguration” in Eaton-speak) in code (and thus, in source control)
  • Using Drush
  • Features module
  • Writing tests with Simpletest
  • Changes in Drupal 7
  • How to contribue code

A few of these areas really caught my interest, like unit testing and contributing code back. I’m hoping I can make some time to experiment in the coming weeks, and intend to write about it here when I do (I don’t have many readers, I know, but I find myself referring back to posts on here all the time when I’m trying to remember how I did something before).