Today was my last day at my job. On Monday, I start a new one. You may be thinking, “Didn’t you just start a new job?” - and you would be right. Let me back up a few months.

In November, I accepted a position at a PR agency downtown and submitted my resignation at AQS, the company where I had worked for my first four years out of college. It was a tough decision to make: AQS had been good to me and I really liked everyone I worked with, but I felt that it was time for me to move on to new projects. An opportunity presented itself, and the timing worked out well with the close of one phase of the project I had been working on, so I wasn’t leaving a lot of loose ends behind.

Unfortunately, after three months, I decided that the new job just wasn’t a good fit for me. Again, I was working with wonderful people, but it just wasn’t working for me. And if it were just me, I probably would have stayed and powered through. But, I need to do what’s best for me and my wife, and coming home in a crappy mood every night wasn’t it. One on hand, I feel like a jerk for complaining about a new job when so many people are looking for employment, but on the other, there were many opportunities available in my field and my work was having a greater impact on my personal life than I was willing to accept.

And so, I start my newest new job on Monday, and I think that this one will be a much better fit for me. I am reluctant to say too much about any company before I get a good feel for the culture there, but it’s a tech consulting company that works with non-profits and organizations that share similar goals and motivations. I will continue developing for Drupal there, and because it’s a virtual company, I will, like my co-workers, work from home.

And that may be the best part. I’ve got a lot of comments about how I’ll be “living the dream, working in my underwear.” I’m the kind of person that needs to get up, shower and get dressed to start the day - so I don’t know about the underwear part - but it may well be living the dream. I get to control the climate, the noise levels, the view, the soda supply - everything. The biggest issue will be keeping Lola from bugging me.

Since I absolutely hated our old desk, and since I’ll be spending eight hours or more sitting at it everyday, Erin and I went to Ikea last weekend for a new desk/bookshelf combo and drawer thingy for the printer. It’s a pretty nice setup, and more than anything, I’m looking forward to getting back my nerd cave. For the past several years (or apartments, depending on how you want to measure it), I haven’t really had a desk of my own, so I’ve been without a place I can consider my home base. It may sound stupid, but it really was starting to put me a little out of sorts - I need a place for my stuff and it needs to be just. Right. That’s my kind of OCD.

So while I’m very excited about the new company and about getting more involved in the Drupal community, I am perhaps more excited that, like Sheldon Cooper, I will have my [0,0,0,0]. I expect to be more productive, both with work-work and personal “work” (like writing here and coding for my own projects), and I know I’ll spend more time in the zone - and I can’t wait for Monday morning.