I just want to point out two little utilities that have been making my life much easier for the past week or two.

Window management on the Mac has always been less than perfect: the maximize button never quite does, and on apps like iTunes, it does something else entirely like switch to the mini mode. Cinch and SizeUp, from Irradiated Software, make it all better.

<img src=’/files/images/cinch_128.png’ align=’left’ alt=’Cinch icon’ width=64 border=0 /> Cinch allows you to drag a window to the top of the screen to make it fill the screen entirely, or drag it to one side of the screen to size it to the half of the screen - pretty handy for viewing Finder windows side-by-side.

<img src=’/files/images/sizeupicon.png’ align=’left’ alt=’SizeUp icon’ width=64 border=0 /> SizeUp takes it a step further by adding keyboard combinations for those actions and several others, like filling the top or bottom half of the screen, or one quadrant, or centering on the screen at half the screen size, or moving to the same position on another monitor or Space - all sorts of good stuff, really.

Cinch is $7 and SizeUp is $13, and I have found that the two in tandem are well worth the $20 total.