Last night, Erin and I went with Johanna and Solomon (and hundreds of other nerds) to celebrate Solomon’s birthday by seeing a showing of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers at the Wolf Trap in HD. Pretty cool on it’s own, but the kicker was the full orchestra and chorus providing a live soundtrack.

It started pouring just as we got through the gates, but that didn’t seem to slow down anyone with lawn seats. I mean, what kind of self-respecting nerds are going to miss a live performance of the score to The Two Towers just because of a little rain? It stopped just in time for the movie to start and a cheer when up from the lawn, and we started pulling out all the picnicky snacks Johanna had secretly made at our place the night before.

The rain was on and off all night, but it didn’t matter. Umbrellas went up when it got harder, but only a handful of people on the lawn gave in and left. The Two Towers is, of course, the awesomest of the trilogy, so it was fun to watch on the big screen again anyway. I kept getting lost in the movie and forgetting about the orchestra; you kind of snap back into it after an action sequence when you realize that all the music is being played live.

In short, it was awesome. We all agreed the rain was unfortunate, but it didn’t matter - it was a wonderful, nerdy Saturday evening.