Erin and a girl she works with decided early last week to do a detox diet together. They’re doing different versions if it, but Erin is doing two days of juice, then ten days of just fruit, then two weeks of fruit with raw veggies and nuts. And for some reason, I agreed to do it with them.

Of course, I kind of have a reason. I had been snacking more and more, and my meals were gradually getting bigger to satisfy me - the exact same things I was doing the last time I gained a bunch of weight. I didn’t expect any kind of detoxifying effects, I just wanted to break those habits. But, I also knew that two days of only juice would be too much for me, and I misheard Erin when she first told me about it and didn’t think it was ten days of just fruit. I decided to do a week of fruit, then two weeks of raw veggies and nuts. I started with dinner last Thursday, so the way I see it, I can start eating veggies tonight.

I think I’ve figured out why vegans are so skinny - they just get sick of food and don’t bother eating. I am so tired of fruit that the next banana I see may be used as a weapon. On the other hand, I’ve lost nine pounds since Sunday morning. For most people, that wouldn’t be healthy, and really, it probably isn’t for me, either.  But at my size, I can afford to lose nine pounds pretty quickly. And I’m OK with it - I’m at my lowest weight since who-knows-when, and today I’m finally wearing the smaller jeans I bought on a very optimistic day a year or two ago. I know it’s going to be difficult to keep the weight off, there’s no doubt about that. Of course, after this diet, a piece of bread sounds like a pretty great meal, so maybe I’ll be able to stay in the habit of eating better.