A couple of things that have happened lately have got me thinking more about gay parents. Nothing significant - I found out that the woman who babysat me when I was little has a couple kids with her partner, and watched the episode of American Dad about gay parents.

In a gay couple, there’s no such thing as an unexpected, unplanned, or unwanted pregnancy. It takes a concerted effort - and a lot of times, a good deal of money - for a gay couple to find themselves expecting a child. How many accidental pregnancies are there? How many children are born to families that don’t really have the means to support them? Any child of a gay couple is guaranteed to be wanted and loved, and in the case of couples that have the cash to spring for in vitro fertilization or a surrogate, the child will be raised in a home that can support them financially as well.

And obviously, I don’t mean to say that children born to straight parents are likely to be unwanted and uncared for, of course. But you have to admit, there’s a significantly lower chance of that with gay parents.

A few months ago, Erin and I saw Robert Engelman (author of More: Population, Nature, and What Women Want) speak at the Green Festival. I can’t remember how we worded it, but he made a good point: our world would be a very different place if sex only resulted in pregnancy if some concerted effort was necessary to make it so. If sex could not possibly result in pregnancy unless both partners wanted it to, there would be no surprise pregnancies, and children would only be born when parents were absolutely ready to have them.

And that’s the way it is for gay couples. They can only have children when they are absolutely sure they want to. How is that not enough to justify that they would be well-suited for it?