I’m having three productivity issues these days.

  1. I need to organize my task list.  A lot more goes into my system than comes out.  I'm collecting all the things I need to get done, but I've done a crappy job of giving context-appropriate tags to those things and then taking advantage of them when I've got time to work on stuff.  The result is that I still keep a lot in my head - it's all in my list, but I'm always thinking, "OK, I need to take care of that thing for work, and oh yeah, I was supposed to call so-and-so."  I need to rely on the system, or it does me no good.
  2. I see everything as work.  Everything.  I have written before that this is the foundation of GTD, as far as I'm concerned, but I'm becoming obsessed.  Every spare moment, I feel like I should be Getting Something Done, and I'm constantly anxious about all the things on my list.  Much more on this later, I'm sure, but I'm trying to accept the fact that this stuff isn't all going to get done this week, no matter how much I would like to have finished it last month.
  3. These two are exacerbating one another.  I haven't organized my list because I have too much other stuff to do and haven't made time.  I feel like I have a ton to do - and don't handle it efficiently - because my list is kind of a mess.  It's a vicious cycle.

I just want to take a couple weeks off and either give up on all of it or just finish it off.