Erin and I have been in our lovely new apartment for a week now, and we love it. Because we decided to move at the last minute, we wound up paying rent on both the old and new place for January. That kind of sucked, but it turned out to be a blessing because we couldn’t get the loading dock at the old place until the middle of the month anyway, and then we rented it out to a family for the Inauguration after we moved out. Erin and I brought over a bunch of a small and breakable stuff in the first half of the month, and last Saturday, Jym, Jeff, and BP helped us move over the furniture and everything else.

This place is a little bit smaller, but that gave us a good reason to get rid of a ton of crap we really didn’t need, including a carload of books and clothes that we donated. The view is a lot nicer and we get plenty of sunlight, which is probably why we haven’t had to turn the heat on yet and it still hasn’t dropped below 70 in here (we’ve actually had to crack a window a few times because it gets too warm). We have a small balcony - not quite deep enough for a couple chairs - but the rooftop deck and pool make up for that. We’re only a couple blocks from Chinatown, and the fancy new “gourmet” Safeway is right around the corner, along with Busboys & Poets and Ace Hardware.

We were pretty content with the old place up until the last couple months, when the veneer started to wear off. This building is a lot nicer, newer, and seems to be better-kept. And, it’s a condo building, so I suspect the residents will have a more vested interest in keeping it that way than the people at the old building. Most importantly, though, they allow dogs. This was the reason we started looking around to begin with. We were expecting to stay there for another year, until next December, because we figured it would make more sense to get a dog after we got married in September (mostly because we’ll be out of town a bunch for making arrangements, the wedding itself, and the honeymoon). Erin had been cruising Craigslist, though, and found this place on a Saturday afternoon. We saw it on Sunday, put in our application right then, were approved on Monday, and sent in the signed lease on Thursday. In March, we’re going to adopt Erin’s parents’ Bichon, Lola May.

So like I said, 2009 should be pretty swell, and we’re off to a good start.