Old vs. New

This is the thing about the new place that excites me the most.  On the left, our current living room.  The blinds are closed all the time because our apartment is situated on the corner of a courtyard, so we look out at other apartments that are about 20 yards away.  And, since we’re in the corner, someone else’s living room window is perpendicular to our own, and we could look in on each other if we didn’t both keep the blinds shut.  On top of that, we face north, so we never get direct sunlight anyway.

The new place is on the 13th floor across from a couple small buildings and a vacant lot.  There are big windows and a glass door that go out onto the balcony, and we can leave the blinds open all the time without sacrificing privacy.  It faces east, so we’ll get a lot of sun in the morning.  Honestly, I never expected that I would be excited about getting more sunlight, but I can’t wait.