I really wish I had more time to write. Well, I really wish I had more time for a lot of things, but I’ve got a lot going on these days that has been keeping me busy:

  • Work has been busy
  • I've been doing volunteer work on a local homeless shelter's website through the Taproot Foundation
  • Erin and I are moving again in a few weeks - only a few blocks, but to a nicer place that allows dogs - so we're trying to figure out what we can get rid of and make plans for the move
  • We're renting out our current place for Inauguration
  • Holiday travel, of course
  • Erin and I are spending the long Valentine's Day weekend in the Smoky Mountains

There’s just a lot going on. Things should quiet down a bit after January, when we’re completely done moving and the homeless shelter project wraps up, but that feels a long way off right now.