I’m generally not altogether articulate or coherent when I’m speaking with someone, in person or on the phone. Every sentence, every word—you only get one shot to get it right, or you wind up stumbling over yourself. My problem is that I change direction mid-sentence—or worse, change word mid-word—and the prose comes spilling out of my mouth like the tinkle of an excitable puppy. Every time I talk to my mom on the phone, she has to remind me to slow down so she can follow—I don’t like waiting for my mouth to catch up with my mind, so when I’m excited about something, I try to say it all as quick as I can, lest I forget some detail in the process of verbalizing it.

Which is why I prefer writing things down. It gives me the chance to give it a once-over before anyone else has to try to make sense of it, and that’s got to be better than the alternative. The only problem is that I can’t type as fast as I can think or speak, so bits and pieces go missing—all those fragmented half-sentences that I would usually speak are either lost forever, or if I’m lucky, merge to form something more reasonable before seeing the light of day.