Even Broker iPhone

Phone Fumble ‘08 is turning into a real kick in the crotch. More glass has fallen out of the screen, but it still works OK. I had hoped that prices of used iPhones would drop on Craigslist, but if anything, they’ve gone up - the cheapest ones have gone from $200ish to about $350, and there are still a ton of want ads on there. That may be the worst part - I could have turned a profit on the damn thing if I could have kept it off the sidewalk.

It would cost me $200 to cancel my iPhone plan contract and go back to a boring regular phone, and at that price, I may as well just get a new one. Then I find out that 3G is sold out pretty much everywhere, and then I walked home in the rain.

Add all that to the carnival of incompetence on display in the DC bureaucracy throughout the course of changing my name, and some other unpleasantness, and it’s been a crappy week. At this point, I’m really just looking forward to getting out of town for a few days for the Doherty/Friedlander union next weekend.