This week, I’m working from home home - my parents’ house in the suburbs of Buffalo. My brother is getting married this Saturday, and I came up on Thursday for his bachelor party this past weekend. Rather than making the trip twice, I’m staying through the week and working from here for a few days.

This is the longest I’ve worked remotely. Once in a while, I’ll work from my apartment for part of the day if I have a doctor’s appointment or something like that, but I’ve never done it for three solid days like this. I thought it would be great, but it’s kind of weird. Without the office environment, it’s a lot harder to get in the swing of things. I’m working at the kitchen table here, so it’s been a challenge to get comfortable and get the light at the right level (it’s about the only thing I’m fussy about in my office). The time seems to fly by, and I feel like I’m not getting as much done as I usually do, but I can’t figure out why - it’s not like I’m goofing off. If anything, I’m more focused because I’m not talking to co-workers as much as I would be if I were in the office. Maybe it’s just because I don’t feel like I’m working.

I’ve always thought I would like working from home, but I think I would need a decent office if I were going to do it long-term. The kitchen table will work do three days, but I don’t think I could handle it much longer than that. But even if it isn’t very office-y, at least there’s no commute.