Twitter’s scaling problems are near-legendary. Ever since it really took off last spring at SXSW, it’s been going down for short periods on a near-daily basis. It’s a cliché, but Twitter has been straining under the weight of its own success.

This most recent spate of problems has been especially bad, though. I don’t know if anything in particular happened to cause it, but the IM functionality and pagination have been disabled for most of the past couple weeks. Even then, it just doesn’t work at all a couple times a day when the load is too high.

Unlike so many other people, I’m not complaining. It kind of sucks, but Twitter is a free service - the way I see it, if I haven’t paid them, they don’t owe me jack diddly. People are getting really upset about the downtime, and I don’t understand the sense of entitlement that makes one believe they deserve some level of service from a company that’s doing it for free.

No, I’m actually kind of thankful. The thing I do have in common with the Twitter-bashers is a mild Twitter addiction, and when you can’t see more then the most recent 20 tweets on your friends page, you start to lose interest. I still love Twitter and check it a few times a day, but now I don’t really worry about the ones I miss - if something important happens to someone close to me, I’ll probably hear about it either way. It’s like a little reminder that, hey, there’s more out here than the Internet.