A couple days ago, Fonny (this Fonny) told me about Defiance, Ohio, a great acoustic folk punk band. I mean, they’ve got a fiddle, a double bass, and a cello, and they release all their music for free on BitTorrent - how could I possibly NOT love these guys?

My favorite song is The New World Order, and I know that no one likes song lyrics in blog posts, but tough nuggins. These were copied straight from their site, without any high-falutin’ formatting:

They say the new world order is just god’s master plan but if the blueprint calls some to starve, don’t blame god’s right-hand man, ‘cause the president is holy, and the president is pious, and hallelujah! he’s a good ol’ boy! hosannah in the highest!

The plan is written in god’s hand so only bush can read it, and it calls for battle in god’s name and it calls for bush to lead it, and the blueprint calls to drill for oil, and exterminate the land, and if you can’t hear god’s calling, then you’re probably from france! cause the USA is holy, and the USA is pious, and hallelujah! god is on our side! hosannah in the highest!

And god is great, and god is good, and let us thank god for our food, we may well have more than we need and god well yet have mouths to feed, but god is great, and god is good, and someday soon, he’ll feed you, too, ‘cause once we’ve got our yachts and crowns, god planned some food to trickle down, so just keep those thoughts holy, be patient and be pious, and hallelujah! god’ll grant your prayers, hosannah in the highest!

And I thank god for a god so mild, who spared the rod and spoiled the child, and signed a blank check so his boys and girls could buy up the entire world, so don’t think us rude if we intrude, but god in heaven ordained us to, so you best improve that attitude and step aside we’ve work to do and thanks for keeping things in shape ‘til we could come and take our place. Oh hallelujah! ain’t life great? Hosanna in the highest!