Remember the Very Very Special Summer Reading Club? It never really happened, not even the second summer, and I completely forgot about it last year. I still think it’s a fun idea - anyone interested in trying again this year?

Here’s the idea: pick a couple books to read this summer, tell us what they are, and in August or September, tell us how they were. It’s pretty simple, and you can read whatever you want to. Either post a comment here, or write your own post about it.

I don’t have many unread books laying around the apartment any more, so I’m not sure what I’ll read. What’s popular these days? The Four-Hour Work Week is the only best seller I’ve read in the past couple years - I could probably just go to the best-seller rack at Barnes & Noble and find something good, but I’d rather get suggestions from people I trust. What have you read lately?

Also, if you do much reading, you should sign up on Goodreads - it’s like a Facebook for literacy!