It’s been a long time since I started looking for a new man purse, and I finally found a suitable replacement: the OGIO Hip Hop messenger bag. It’s the perfect size, and unlike most bags I’ve looked at, it’s got a water bottle pocket. In fact, it’s got TWO water bottle pockets, just in case.

My only complaint is the strap. It’s got these little plastic square loops that connect the strap to the bag. It should look like this: How it was supposed to work

Unfortunately, it gets twisted up a lot like this: How it actually worked

But, I found a simple solution: a four-dollar carabiner from the hardware store: How it works now

It still bunches up on the bag side, but it doesn’t get twisted up when I adjust the length of the strap. Once my Crossbuster patch gets here and sewed on, I’ll be happier than a ternader in a trailer park.