Arial view of Denver

We’ve been in Denver since Wednesday night for a conference, and this town gives me a weird vibe. Granted, we don’t really get any time to do much touristing when we go work in another city, so I haven’t seen anything further than five blocks from the convention center. But click on that satellite picture for the bigger view - “downtown” is about a square mile of tall buildings, surrounded by suburbs.

It seems so stupid to go to a new city and see none of it. I get home and people ask, “So how was Las Vegas?” and all I can tell them about is the hotel and convention center because I didn’t even go outside for five straight days. It’s fun to travel once in a while for work, but it’s just that - for work. I might get some more time to see more of Denver later this week, though. The show ends mid-day Thursday and we leave Friday morning - hopefully, we’ll finish up early in the day Thursday and we’ll be able to see some stuff that night.