Sometime around my third year of college, I saw As Good As It Gets, and it got me thinking - what if this IS as good as it gets? At that point, my freshman year of college had been the best year of my life and things only seemed to be going downhill from there. I started to wonder if life would never be as exciting as it had been then.

Then, during the roughest time at work last July, Gogol Bordello released Super Taranta and I spent weeks singing along to Ultimate:

There was never any good old days
They are today, they are tomorrow
It's a stupid thing we say
Cursing tomorrow with sorrow

The good news is that the good old days ARE today (well, and tomorrow). I met Erin about the time that album came out, and life with her is better than I ever thought it could be - and we got engaged last week, if you hadn’t heard. We’re looking at places for the wedding for next September, and I couldn’t be happier. No one likes a mushy blog post, but ya know what? Life is good.