Commenters at DCist have been reporting on the taxi strike that’s happening today, and it’s not pretty. For those of you living elsewhere, DC’s taxis operate on a zone system, so you pay based on how many zones your trip takes you through. Mayor Fenty has been pushing to get them on a meter, like every other city in the nation, but the drivers want none of it - at least partially because they can easily take unsuspecting tourists on winding, four-zone trips that could really be done by crossing only two zones.

Still, I’m all for worker’s rights and making a decent wage, so I supported the cabbies that wanted to stick to the zone system. But this is just ridiculous - making traffic even worse during rush hour is no way to win the sympathy of your customers. I can only imagine how much support they lost thanks to this stunt.

Update: Apparently I was misinformed. The zone fare is based on what zone you start in and end in, not how many you pass through. I don’t know who explained it that way to me, or (in retrospect) why I bought it, but that really wouldn’t make much sense, would it?