I’m starting to think I may have bought the wrong book. I mean, I don’t think there were any elections for it or anything, but is Dinesh D’Souza the spokesman for Christians? I just started chapter seven of What’s So Great About Christianity? It begins on page 67, which should give you some sense of the depth with which D’Souza explores his arguments.

By the time I got through the first chapter, I had made several notes in the margins and on an index card. My plan was to collect my notes and counter-arguments, cite other authors’ arguments where appropriate, and compile it into a sort of supplemental to give to my parents at Christmas - a “this is what I believe and why” package.

It became clear, around chapter three, that I was going to have a ton of writing to do if I wanted to adequately address his flimsy and largely unfounded arguments. I haven’t been taking as many notes since, because really, what’s the point? Here’s your reading supplemental: read The God Delusion first, and What’s So Great About Christianity? will seem absolutely absurd in comparison.

I may post my comments after each of the eight parts of the book, if there’s anything worth mentioning. Like I said in my original post about it, I’m trying to keep an open mind and give the other side their say, but it’s really hard to take any of I seriously. Nonetheless, I soldier on, reading inane crap so you don’t have to. I’ll keep you posted.