A bunch of things happened in the past few months that I never really got a chance to mention here. Let’s have us a quick recap, eh? (More or less in chronological order)

Atheist Alliance International Conference, in Crystal City So, a lot of atheists - the kind that would go to the conference, anyway - are WAY more involved than I am. I met a few group organizers and a number of people that are involved politically, and the crowd was generally older than I would have expected - I’d say that less than 10% were under 30 (granted, not a lot of 20-somethings have money to travel to DC for a conference). I’m really glad I went - it was enlightening, I learned a lot, heard some interesting opinions, and got some good argument points in a couple sessions. Well worth the money.

Matt Pond PA, at 930 Club I didn’t know any of their songs when we went, but Erin wanted to see them. It was a cool show, but really not the kind of band I would see by myself.

Street Dogs, opening for Tiger Army at Black Cat One of the best punk shows I’ve been to. Honestly, even better than expected. I think my favorite part was when they started playing Fatty and all the big fellas pushed their way up front. We didn’t stick around for Tiger Army.

Gogol Bordello, at Sonar in Baltimore Gogol never disappoints. Fun as always.

Against Me!, at 930 Club The songs from their new album, New Wave, went over better than I figured they would. I really like most of them, but they’re not really the kind you would dance and sing to at a concert, I thought. We hung out near the back and I just sang my little heart out - I’m gettin too old to keep getting punched in the chest in the pit, so I didn’t even both jumping in for this one. Sometimes, it’s nice to just stand back and enjoy the band.