Tonight was the Swell Season show at 930. As tired as I am, I feel like I need to write about it before I go to bed.

First off, the opener - Amy LaVere - was way better than I expected an opener for Swell Season would be. She plays a bluesy southern rock, and I have never seen a girl play an upright bass like that before. Plus, she’s adorable, so big plus there.

Swell Season really threw their hearts into it. Glen Hansard is sort of like the awkward, shy-but-charming underdog that everyone’s rooting for. That crowd was putty in his hands before he even struck a chord. Frankly, they don’t really play my kind of music - sort of a mellow, Irish folk acoustic rock - but it’s heartfelt and more honest than most other bands I would throw into their general category.

That having been said, that was the biggest bunch of douche bags I have ever had the displeasure of seeing a show with. And let’s be honest, most of the shows I go to are attended by a bunch of drunks, but tonight, they took obnoxious to a whole new level. A handful of frat-boy types a few rows behind me spent the entire show screaming “STAR STAR!” Now, yelling the name of your favorite song is played out as it is, but at this kind of show? It was like they got lost on their way to the Nickelback concert. And then, when he DID finally play the fucking Star Star song (second to last in the encore), it was one of the weakest, whiniest, sensitive-guy fucking candy-ass anthems of the evening. Seriously? If THAT’S your Freebird, you need to re-think your musical priorities.

So, in summary: Amy LaVere: wonderful. Swell Season: pretty good, but not my style. Everyone else there: can go fuck themselves.