A couple days ago, Gogol Bordello, Against Me, and Smashing Pumpkins all released new albums. Obviously, I’d been looking forward to it for a while - Against Me and Gogol are two of my favorite bands, and the Pumpkins haven’t released anything in 7 years (and anything GOOD in 9 years).

Honestly, I haven’t listened to the Pumpkins album Zetigeist much. I got Tarantula a few weeks ago and absolutely love it. The rest of the disc is pretty good, but that’s the only single that really sticks out to me.

I’d been waiting for Against Me’s New Wave for months, and honestly, I’m kind of disappointed. I got the White People For Peace single a while ago (which included Full Sesh), and both of those tracks are fantastic. The rest of the album? Well, I haven’t really decided yet. This may well be the sell-out album. I mean, it’s catchy, but it barely sounds like Against Me. I was expecting a biting, politically-charged anarchist opus - really, I wanted a full CD like White People for Peace. Borne on the FM Waves sounds like Jimmy Eat World. I do like Americans Abroad, but I liked it on the live album - it sounds exactly the same, just without the crowd in the background. The rest of the tracks are mellower; it’s a more introspective album, and I suspect the die-hard fans are losing their shit over it.

Gogol’s Super Taranta may well be the best album of the year. Tribal Connections feels like a long-winded jam band tune - it reminds me of the long live version of OAR’s Crazy Game of Poker. Forces of Victory is really good - really, the second half of the album is great. I love the opening of Supertheory of Supereverything - “First time I have read the Bible, it had stoke me as unwitty, I think it may started rumor, that the Lord ain’t got no humor.” The whole album is a little more polished than Gypsy Punks was, more self-referential and continuos, and really, it’s just a fun album. Like New Wave, it’s mellower and deeper, but Gogol did a much better job of it than Against Me. Their show next week is going to be unbelievable, and I may wet myself with glee if it’s half as great as I’m expecting.