I haven’t had much time for the Internet lately, which is disappointing because I had grown so fond of it.

I’m still working a lot, but less so than a few weeks ago. In general, it’s all a lot better than it was a few weeks ago, and it looks like things will be even more better in a few more weeks. Relieving, that.

Things have felt very Once In A Lifetime lately. I’ve been in my new apartment for over a month, but it doesn’t feel like home, and I’m not convinced it ever will; it’s like I’m just staying here while I’m in between places. Work hasn’t felt like my job, but just the thing I’m doing for now, because it needed to be done and I was standing there at the time. I don’t know where I’m supposed to be or what I’m supposed to be doing, but it’s a very odd feeling, and a little too existential for my taste. I just know that exciting and important things are happening all around me, and I just continue trudging ahead with my boring life.

I don’t have an iPhone, and that makes me sad.

I DO have a cold, in July, which also makes me sad. I mean really, who gets a cold in July? Kids these days.

I’m pretty sure that tomorrow marks 12 weeks without a cigarette, and at some point in those three months, I became that asshole that accosts smokers to remind them it’s bad for their insides. What’s happened to me?

Oh yeah, this week was pretty great. I spent most of the Fourth sleeping; I felt like crap in the morning and slept till 3 - right through Jym and Mel’s BBQ - but I felt a hell of a lot better because of it, and made it to Schmitty’s BBQ. And this past weekend was OATS, which was, without a doubt, the best bluegrass festival I’ve been to yet. There were some folks who couldn’t make it, and they were missed sorely, but I got to hang out with some of my favorite people, and Casey and Matt came down from Boston on Saturday. It was a blast.

So I suppose I’m trudging ahead with my boring life, but every now and then it’s fifteen shades of superfly, so it works out OK.