Holy crap, July's almost over already! Wouldn't you agree that this is a good time to review our resolutions for the year? I'll start:

  1. Go to the gym: This one hasn't gone that well. I did pretty good in March and April, but it fell apart when I went to SF in May and they closed the gym at the hotel, and then I moved when I got back and just fell out of the routine. But, I went down there yesterday and today, and I'm hoping to get it back into my routine this week.
  2. Spend less time just hanging out in the apartment: Since moving into the city, I've been going out way more than I ever used to. Check!
  3. Get a handle on my finances: Going OK.
  4. Be more positive about life in general: Ehhhh. So-so.
  5. Try brewing beer: Not yet. Like a novelist investigating their topic, I've spent a lot of time drinking beer.
  6. Do more personal projects: Haven't had time, but I've got some ideas.

So, could be better. How's your list been going?