Allow me to shill for a moment, won’t you please?

When I moved into my new place a few weeks ago, I spent about a week looking all over for those plastic 3M hooks with the adhesive strips that come off cleanly. At my old place, I had three or four of them on the sides of my desk for keys, my headphones, that kind of stuff, and since I got rid of the desk, I wanted to put a couple inside my bedroom door for the same kind of stuff. For whatever reason, I couldn’t find them anywhere I looked.

I had literally spent a week looking for them when I was in Linens ‘n Things to get that basic apartment stuff that I don’t bother moving (bathroom trashcan, toothbrush cup, etc - all in manly colors) when I came across these Hercules Hooks (WARNING: loud video auto-plays). I had seen the obnoxious commercials before, as I’m sure many of you have, and I thought it was a load of crap. But, I hadn’t found my 3M hooks anywhere, and a few more days of willy-nilly key-tossing would probably mean lost keys, so I paid $15 for a 20-pack with a cheap laser level.

Best $15 I’ve ever spent for home improvement, hands down. These things really ARE as easy as that guy makes them look! I used them to hang up a whiteboard, some framed pictures, keys, my sunglasses, and put four more above the table I use for my laptop to keep my power and USB cables and iPod headphones handy. My only complaint is that hole definitely isn’t “pin-sized”, but no bigger than the whole from a nail you’d use to hang photos.

I don’t have a good reason for posting this. I figure, we’re always willing to complain when we buy crappy products, so I’ll send a little karma and recommend something that worked out better than I expected. They’re definitely worth the money, AND I can pull them out to re-use them when I move. It’s those little things that bring joy to my day.