I really can’t remember the last weekend I had to myself to enjoy. Last weekend, I drove up to Buffalo for a wedding. The weekend before that, I was moving. The two weekends before that were spent working in my SF hotel room.

Yesterday, I got up around 11, met the guy who (finally) took away the monitor I had been trying to get rid of, spent a few hours at work, finished a book, and fell asleep. A pretty full day, you might say, until I tell you that I fell asleep at 8:30, leaving less than 10 hours that I was actually up and doing anything. Today, I woke up pretty early, dropped off stuff at Goodwill, and I’ve spent most of the day working again. Right now, I’m taking a break to clear my head, because I’m still not done with everything that needs to be finished tomorrow morning. If I had my way, I’d probably just go to bed now, because even after sleeping about 12 hours last night, I’m still exhausted.

I guess it wasn’t a total waste of a weekend. I did get rid of some stuff that was cluttering the place up, and I did catch up on some sleep that I sorely needed, but I still just want a weekend with no obligations. This Friday afternoon “we need this Monday morning” shit needs to go.

(PS: When I titled this Another Wasted Weekend, I don’t mean to imply that going home for Bill’s wedding last weekend was a waste, because it wasn’t, and I had a lovely time.)