Friends in DC: I’m moving. Again.

Our lease here at Brockstone Manor will be up at the end of May, and Jym and Mel (understandably) want a place of their own, and I can’t afford the place on my own, so we’re all heading out. My new place is up near Mt. Vernon Square - I found a guy on Craigslist that was looking for a roomate.

The problem is the moving bit, particularly the way the scheduling worked out. I’m going to be packing up a truck here on Sunday the 27th - I’ve got the freight elevator 5-8pm. I’ve got the elevator at the new place until noon on Monday - which is, unfortunately, Memorial Day. This all worked out a lot better last time, when I did it all in one day before the holiday, but things got a little screwy this time around.

So, I’m imploring you, dear friends, for a little help. I’m planning on selling off some crap, I’m getting rid of some furniture, and I’ll be taking smaller stuff over on Saturday, but I’m looking for a few people to help load up Sunday evening and a few to help unload Monday morning. I know that moving the morning of a holiday Monday totally sucks, but please please please consider giving me a hand for a couple hours. Folks that pitch in will be compensated somehow - I’m not how, yet, since the usual beer-and-pizza deal doesn’t make much sense at noon on a Monday. A Memorial Day BBQ/Moving Extravaganza would be great, but the new place doesn’t have any grills. But, we DO have the old place until later in the week, so maybe we could move stuff to the new place, have a quick shower, then go back to the old place to BBQ and make friends with everyone else who’s doing a Memorial Day BBQ (of course, there won’t be any furniture or dishes left in the apartment, but we’ll be down on the patio anyway).

Anyone who’d be willing to help out, please drop me a note, and let me know how you feel about the beer ‘n pizza vs. afternoon BBQ issue. Thanks!