My two weeks in San Francisco were not as exciting as I’d hoped, because I was working most of my waking hours. Even so, I had a good time, saw friends from college, and managed to meet some cool people. A quick summary:

  • Met “the most helpful hobo in San Francisco!” as soon as I got off the BART. He suggested it would be easier to catch a cab at a nearby hotel, so I gave him two dollars.
  • Met a bartender who saw my Street Dogs shirt and told me to catch Damon and the Heathens while I was in town. I looked them up on MySpace, but they didn’t have any shows listed.
  • Spent my first Saturday in town on Ryan and Sarah’s laptop, doing work, chatting about life, and drinking fancy beer. Then we ate a boat load of sushi, and went to a farmer’s market and ate lamb naan wraps (delicious).
  • Did dinner and drinks with Brady
  • Met Wayne, a father of two and a fisherman. He’s from Alaska and used to fish for King Crab there - he even trained one of the skippers on Deadliest Catch. Not long ago, he walked from Alaska to San Francisco, and has won a number of flat-track motorcycle races in California, and several snow machine races in Alaska. His children are grown - a girl who earned her Master’s at 21 and a boy who’s still in college and “knee-deep in pussy.” His wife was as tough as a sailor and as beautiful as a model, until her death a few years ago. I’m still not sure if he’s lived an incredible life, or just really good at making shit up.
  • Tried to rent a motorcycle, but it was broke.
  • Had dinner with several CSHers and an old Tech Crew buddy in Tenderloin. Dinner was so-so, neighborhood was sketchy, but we had fun and got gelatto after.
  • Finally found Bushman on Sunday. Ate lunch at a table on the sidewalk across the street and watched him scare the crap out of tourists.
  • Saw the sea lions. There’s a lot of them, and they’re noisy.
  • Met Darwin Coon, one of the last inmates to leave Alcatraz when it closed. He’s a regular at this awesome little bar in North Point. They sell his book; I bought a copy. He told me the story about the time he and a buddy stole a truckload of tires right after World War II, when they cost a fortune. His buddy broke his leg when he forgot to tie off the rope before lowering himself through the two-story high skylight, and the tires wound up on police cars (not because they got caught, because the cops bought them).
  • Got drinks with some folks from the company I was working for, and learned that they’re all a lot of fun to hang out with.
  • Sat next to a cute indie chick for my flight from San Francisco to St. Louis.
  • Finish Chuck Palahniuk’s Choke on the flight. Wasn’t impressed.

And now, I’m back in DC and moved into a new apartment. More on that later.