I was told to grab a taxi from the airport to my hotel, up by Fisherman’s Wharf, which would run something like $60. But I’m an economical young man, so I took the BART to Powell St and got a cab there. Grand total: $21 with tip. Someone should just give me the $40 remainder for being so awesome.

My hotel is just a couple blocks from Fisherman’s Wharf. I kinda figured I’d find a dozen sushi places over there, but no such luck - not on the main drag, anyway. I stopped into Lou’s, a blues joint, and got salmon stuffed with crab and shrimp. Want to know what heaven tastes like? It tastes like salmon stuffed with crab and shrimp.

It’s only 9:30 here but I’m exhausted. I took off my belt when I got back to the hotel and walked right out of my jeans. I’m not sure if I bought jeans that are too big or if I lost weight, but I’m going to assume that the heavenly salmon took off 10 or 15 pounds.

Tomorrow and Friday I actually have to work. On Saturday, there’s this KFOG concert literally blocks away from where I am. It’s like my very own welcoming party with fireworks.

Before I go to bed, I need to do some ironing. I’m not good at ironing, but I think it will be worth it - these khakis I brought make my ass look like salmon stuffed with crab and shrimp: heavenly.