So check it out, I’m going to San Francisco for two weeks. I found out at about 9 this evening that I’ll be flying out there tomorrow at noon. Yeah, we don’t waste no time round these parts.

I don’t really know any specifics yet - right now, I’m more concerned with getting packed and working out the logistics. For example, I’ll be flying back here two days before I move, on the day I was supposed to be picking up keys, and at the tail end of the week that I intended to spend packing and selling off crap I don’t need. Not really sure how all that’s going to work out, yet.

Friends in SF, please get in touch so I have your cell number (e-mail and AIM on the About page). I’ll be working normal hours during the week at a client’s office, but I’d like to get together with everyone during the two weekends I’ll be there for.

I’m pretty psyched. It won’t be as relaxing as my last trip there, and I certainly don’t have as much time to make plans with people, but it will be a nice change of pace nonetheless.

I really need to start packing. SF folks, make sure I’ve got your number, and I’ll see you soon.

UPDATE: Just so we’re all on the same page: I am not moving to San Francisco. I will be there for two weeks for work. Shortly after returning to the DC area, I’ll be moving into a new apartment here. Sorry for the confusion.