After work yesterday, I went up to the place I’ll be moving into to sign the lease and all the other paperwork that comes with it. It was quick and dirty, and now I just need to get the key from the guy who’s moving out.

Once I took care of that stuff, I wandered around the area for a little while, looking for some coffee shops. I had no idea at the time, but I was totally spoiled by Java Wally’s while I was at RIT. As it turns out, most coffee shops (by which I mean Starbucks and Caribou) DON’T have a bunch of couches and big tables that encourage sharing when the place is crowded. I didn’t go there often, but every time I did, I’d wind up chatting with some stranger and running into a handful of people I knew. I’ve never really found another place like that, but I hope to find a place like that near the new place.

I had no luck with the coffee shops, but that’s not the point. The point is that the city is a cool place to wander in the evening. Crystal City - the neighborhood I live in now - is nice enough, with lots of restaurants and things, but it is absolutely dead by about 6 on weekdays. A lot of people pass through the area on their way to and from DoD offices, but once they go home, it’s like a ghost town.

So for that reason, I’m psyched to be moving into the city. I’ll need to take the Metro to work, but the apartment and my office are both on the yellow line, so I’ll only spend about 15 minutes on the train and maybe 10 minutes walking to and from (I’ll get some reading done, if nothing else). I’ll be five blocks from Chinatown, and about eight from Dupont Circle, so I’ll be within walking distance of a lot of cool bars and such. I’m planning to get a cheap bicycle once I move, so I’ll can get around the city without waiting for a train or bus. And, with a cheap bike, I won’t have to worry much about thieves, because I can replace a $10 bike with no problems.

This move should be good for me. The lease there is up at the end of August, and it’s month-to-month from there, so I’ll have some flexibility. What more could a guy ask for? Maybe a harem on the first floor, but let’s be realistic: that would be out of my price range anyway.