I’ve recently started using Tumblr, which lies somewhere between a full-blown blog and Twitter. I like it because it sort of fills in this middle ground - there are plenty of times when I want to jot down a thought, but it’s more than Twitter’s 140 character limit and not enough to bother writing a blog post around. Tumblr allows for regular blog-style posts, but it also specially handles photos, videos, quotes, links, and conversations. Furthermore, you can import feeds as any one of those types. So, for example, my Flickr photos are pulled in and displayed nicely, my Twitters are included as text posts, and any time I tag links with “tumblr” on del.icio.us, they appear as links. And, it colorizes conversations and displays quotes in…well, in a quote-y manner. Here, look at this one, and you’ll see what I mean.

I don’t think anyone is actually following mine, and that’s fine with me. I still haven’t read Getting Things Done, but I hear that the important part is making a note of things you think of so you don’t feel like you have to remember it, so you can get to thinking about other stuff. In that respect, Tumblr works well for me: I can paste in AIM conversations that I know I’ll enjoy reading later, or include a quote from a book that I really like. It doesn’t matter too much if other people are reading it, because I’m using it to store stuff that I want to see again later.

Of course, you’re welcome to enjoy it too.