I’ve been meaning to write a post about how much I hate MySpace, but I really don’t see the point - I couldn’t possibly say anything we don’t all know already. It just boggles my mind that such an awful site has built up such a huge user base, even as everyone complains about it (guilty).

One of the biggest complaints lately has been all the spam (as if the on-page ads weren’t bad enough). I was just checking out The Walkmen (they’ll be opening for The Kaiser Chiefs tonight), and their comments are drowning in it. Other services, like Facebook, do a better job of keeping it at bay; I’ve been on Facebook a lot longer than MySpace, and I’ve never seen a single bit of spam anywhere. I’m not really sure what they’re doing different - maybe they validate your e-mail when you sign up, I don’t remember now - but it’s working. More people are moving away from MySpace to Facebook and other sites like it.

And this makes me happy. I mostly use MySpace to check up on bands, or hear music from new ones. I’ll miss that when it’s gone, but some other service will surely rise to fill that hole. There are a few people with whom I only have contact through MySpace, and the sooner they get off there and into Facebook or whatever, the sooner I can just leave the damn thing behind - and I certainly won’t be the only one leaving.